About the Journal

Regina Reaves

Photographer: RaShawn Tucker

Hello and welcome!

This blog is about overlap. My work and personal lives blend (often collide) all the time. But that’s life. Every life experience—including bumps and scrapes—shape who we are and what we stand for. Where the story becomes intriguing is in the overlap of work, personal and the extra stuff. Between these layers are the hows and whys, like how you built a successful business with a $300 investment in the basement of your home; why you spend weekends at a laundromat, teaching children to read; or how learning to ballroom dance taught you to be a better executive director.

Bringing the Backstory to the Forefront

My mission is to help organizations visually make their brands matter. With the rise of storytelling (that has always been around; we’re just giving it more well-deserved attention) and the help of technology, businesses and professionals have the power to share their messages in unprecedented ways. And it’s not all about words. Great stories grow from the compatible relationship between words and art.

So, let’s peel back the layers. I’ll share my balancing act while designing, writing and cooking, along with the hundred other things that living requires, and give you a glimpse behind the scenes of client projects and lessons learned from 20+ years supporting the purpose-driven work of nonprofits and faith groups. And there’s more! Some of my clients do amazing things. You’ll read those stories here, as well. I’m interested in your stories, too, so please share!

The Slow Simmer

During my downtime (if there is such a thing), I love to cook. I’m a personal chef and member of the American Personal and Private Chefs Association.  I use this platform to teach families and individuals how to make smart food choices, prepare healthful meals and about the benefits of eating locally. I’m also working on my first cookbook—a daunting but exciting task. Though it doesn’t sound like “downtime,” it is for me. You’ll understand why as we get to know each other on this blog.  From time to time I’ll share parts of this culinary journey and some of my favorite recipes.

So, grab a cup of tea or coffee and sit awhile. I’m serving up a colorful mix of stories, anecdotes, tips and resources that I hope you’ll find helpful and enjoyable.



Regina Reaves Hayden is a design strategy consultant and award-winning graphic designer with more than 20 years’ experience developing marketing and communication strategies for non-profits, faith-based organizations and purpose-driven businesses. She’s also a creative writer and supports companies with strategic copy, conceptual ideas and creative presentations for branding campaigns, B2B advertising, capabilities brochures and websites.

Gina is known for solving complex design challenges with a focus on branding. She is committed to helping organizations tell their stories visually and literally in the most effective way possible. Her reputation for careful research, planning and distinctive, focused design strategies has gained client loyalty and trust.

Gina runs a boutique graphic and web design studio in the Washington, DC Metro area, but don’t let size fool you. She has a hands-on collaborative approach and gives each project the same creative respect and level of expertise you’d expect from larger agencies.

Learn more and see work samples at reginareaves.com.